Caring for your tree

Tips for caring for your christmas tree

  • When you bring home your tree do not take the netting off until it is settled into the base.
  • To catch any needles place a a tree skirt underneath the stand
  • Saw an inch to half inch off the bottom of the trunk before setting into water.
  • When trees are cut, sap oozes out and seals the pores. By sawing off the base, you will open up the pores, and
    the tree will be able to absorb water.
  • Placement of the tree is important avoid heat sources such as heaters,fireplaces or stoves.
  • In fact the lower the temperature the better.
  • Watering is critical. A freshly-cut tree can consume a gallon of water in 24 hours!
  • Use warm water for the first watering to help open the pores in the tree.
  • Fill the tree stand with warm water and keep it filled.
  • Never let the water level go below the tree’s base.
  • Some people add sugar or 7up to the water as when intake starts slowing down, this would act like a sweetener and improve intake